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Thermal drones equipped with infrared cameras can detect heat signatures and provide valuable insights in different scenarios. Here's a breakdown of the applications you mentioned:

Our Drone Features

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Deer Recovery

Thermal drones can be used to locate harvested deer by detecting their body heat signatures.

Deer Herd Analysis

Thermal imaging can help in assessing the size and movement patterns of deer herds.

Aerial Photography and Videography

Serving as pioneers in the drone industry, we strive to seize the most captivating landscapes that are otherwise difficult to witness.

Here's a breakdown of the applications you mentioned:

  • Deer Scouting: Drones equipped with thermal cameras can assist in scouting for deer and finding your top bucks. The heat signatures emitted by deer can be detected, even in low light or dense vegetation, enabling hunters or wildlife researchers to identify their presence and patterns.
  • Finding Trespassers/Poachers: Thermal drones can be deployed to monitor wildlife sanctuaries or private properties to detect intruders. The heat signatures of humans can be easily distinguished from the surrounding environment, enabling the identification of potential trespassers or poachers and report their locations to law enforcement.